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Performing a background check doesn’t have to be a tedious job, neither should you be required to pay money. Our service is free and reliable; in one click you can have access to billions of records on criminal check, sex offender check, bankruptcies and liens, small claims and judgments, house value & property details, and address history.

How do I know if I need to perform a background check?

Doing a background check should be the first thing if you are going into business with, potential business partners, or even tenants, credit applicants and insurance applicants, and even spouses or dates, neighbors, friends; or just about anyone who’s an American citizen. With illegal immigration on the rise, you have a right to know who you are hiring, and making sure that they are legal. We offer a totally free background checking service, with online monitoring and instant access.

You can also conduct a free background check to verify a person’s age, or go through police or accident reports in the process of conducting the free background check. Count on our employment background check to help you take wise decisions and keep you on the safe side of the law. If there’s anything that can save you from the bad guys, it’s the free background check. Being safe has never been easier, or service is completely free, and we can off you with the same tool the experts use at the price of nothing! Check out or people search to find lost relatives, distanced friends, or an old crush. Sign up today, and start searching.

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